African Arcade Games

African Arcade Games

Pop into any retail toy store in the west and you will see row after row of brightly coloured plastic toys of all varieties for all ages from toddlers to teenagers and big boys who never actually grew up! But for children in African games and toys rarely come out of a box but rather out of the imagination with stones, tin cans, wood and straw being used to make toys and everyday objects being used for fun to play imaginative African games. The video below shows some children from Zambia simply having fun with their made up games; below we have a number of African themed for you to play online.

African Arcade Games: Condottiero

African Video Games

In this African arcade game, you need to locate and kill Colonel Desrosier of the US Army whose been known to use extreme methods against radical militants in the area and seems to be on a personal crusade of the morbid abuse of power.

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African Arcade Games: Somali Pirate Game

Somali Pirate Game

In this African arcade game take on the Somali pirates operating in the waters off Somalia and protect the coastline from ongoing attacks. Your gun is going to come in useful!

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African Arcade Games: Hetherdale


In this arcade game with awesome graphics centres on the ramblings of an old 18th century poet who claimed the existence of an ancient and lost fabled city of Hetherdale deep in the heart of Africa. You take on the role of Dr Heather Montrose who travels to the continent to prove its existence or otherwise.

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African Arcade Games: Tikoloshe Game

Tikoloshe Game

An African arcade game based on the Zulu legend of an evil spirit called the Tikoloshe that is created from dead bodies by shamans with a hairy bear-like look the size of a small child that can only be seen by its creator but who wanders creating great destruction.

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African Arcade Games: Witch Hunt Game

African Witch Game

Witchcraft in the west nowadays is considered something of an oddity but in Africa witch doctors are very real and there's a disturbing practice of accusing children of witchcraft to explain family misfortune. In this arcade game you are a witchdoctor trying to take down witches!

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African Arcade Games: Water for Africa

African Water Game

This is a game based on the work of "Water for Africa", a UK charity that provides long-term support for water projects in Africa. The game plays out a realistic scenario of a newly installed pump in a Gambian village that is being damaged by local children, wildlife and weeds. Your task in this African water game is to prevent this and ensure the water supply remains safe.

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African Arcade Games: Maasai Game

Maasai Game

In this Maasai game, crocodiles are reeking havoc in the village with the local Laiboni advising the Maasai warriors that they can be warded off. Enter the forest to kill the crocodiles but be aware that patience and agility are your best weapons!

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African Arcade Games: 3D Sniper

African Sniper Game

This African sniper arcade game is set behind enemy lines in an East African terrorist camp run by Al-Shabab. A general has crash landed inside the camp and he needs to destroy the camp and get out safely.

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African Arcade Games: Sandboarding

African Sandboarding Game

In this African desert sandboarding arcade game, aim for gold in the sand dunes of the North Africa. Gather points by jumping over ramps and avoiding objects such as palm trees.

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African Arcade Games: Pestinator

African Insect Game

Find out about malaria, a disease that is responsible for the deaths of thousands of African children yearly and become a pest control taking down those dangerous mosquitoes.

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African Arcade Games: Mombassa Race

Mombassa Race

This African arcade game is an enjoyable romp as you go racing through Kenya on a number of tracks including through the Serengeti on your way to the sea port of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean.

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African Arcade Games: African Drinking Game

African Drinking Game

This African drinking game is about something you see too often in Africa, drink driving, and drinking too much in the first place. Help Mr Adebayo drive home over two laps before his wife finds out that he's been out drinking (again!).

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African Arcade Games: African Voodoo Game

African Voodoo Game

This voodoo tribe game is set in Africa where voodoo is believed to have its origins many thousands of years ago being a life affirming Earth belief that connected spiritual man with his secular environment.

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