African Wildlife Games

African Wildlife Games

On this page we've a collection of some of the best Africa wildlife games online as part of our wider Africa games collection but if you want to see some Africa wildlife live check out a live streaming webcams at our sister site here. Some interesting facts about Africa wildlife you may not know: Leopards are so called because for a long time people believed they were a cross between a panther and a lion. A chameleon’s body is just half the length of its tongue. Lions are the only social cats that live in a community. An impala can leap eleven metres in length and up to three metres high. Most giraffes need only five minutes of sleep a day and can go for over a month without water if necessary. Hippos communicate under water the same way as dolphins by using clicks and whistles. Chimpanzees share 98.6% of their DNA with humans making them our closest cousins however gorillas are the most intelligent of the primates and can even learn words in sign language.

After you've played these Africa wildlife games check out and play our other Africa themed games; we've everything from Africa video games to traditional Africa games. Well worth a look!

African Wildlife Games: Lion Games

Lion Games Online

Lions live throughout Africa from below the Sahara Desert to the start of South Africa, in prides normally consisting of three males, twelve females and their cubs. Here you can play lion games online with our free lion games collection including Lion King games and other African lion wildlife games.

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African Wildlife Games: Elephant Games

Elephant Games

Elephant wildlife numbers have declined dramatically across the African continent from some 3-5 million to around 415,000 today. Play free African elephant games online and go on an elephant safari, help an elephant escape from ivory poachers or play one of our elephant games for kids.

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African Wildlife Games: Leopard Game

Leopard Game

Did you even know the word "Leopard" is a hybrid of the word "lion" and "panther" (the Greek word for male panther is "pardos")? In this leopard game one of the five big cats, the leopard, trying to survive in Africa with your help.

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African Wildlife Games: Cheetah Game

Cheetah Game

The cheetah, found mostly in southern and eastern Africa, is the world's fastest land mammal and can reach speeds of 70MPH in just three seconds! Here you roleplay a baby cheetah trying to find its mother racing against dangers and other predatatory wildlife in Africa.

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African Wildlife Games: Hyena Game

Hyena Game

The hyena can be found across vast swathes of Africa from the continent's savannas, grasslands and woodlands to the edge of its forests deserts and even mountain ranges. In fact, the hyena is Africa's most common carnivore. In this hyena wildlife game for kids help Timmon ahead to dodge the hungry hyenas.

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African Wildlife Games: Chimpanzee Game

Chimpanzee Game

The chimpanzee is the human's closest living relative, they live between 40-50yrs, and are considered to be the most intelligent animals on Earth using tools to collect food and communicate with each other through barking and drumming. Here, help the chimpanzee's survival in the jungle against preadtors and other dangers.

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African Wildlife Games: Off Road Rescue

African Adventure Games

This African wildlife game will appeal to younger kids as it's set in a number of different locations in the African jungle and there are plenty of tasks to undertake including rescuing animals trapped in the jungle and swamps and taking photographs of African wildlife.

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African Wildlife Games: African River Game

African River Game

When many people think of Africa they think of a barren continent, but sub-Saharan Africa is rich in its bio-diversity with magnificent rivers such as the Congo, Zambezi. Niger, Orange, and of course, the world's longest river, the Nile. In this game try and identify the type of wildlife that inhabits one of Africa's great rivers.

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African Wildlife Games: Lizard Game

African Lizard Game

There are many lizard types in Africa however the one African lizard you are most likely to encounter on the continent is the Gecko. Play our free online african lizard game and score points using your lizard tongue to capture passing insects just like that African gecko.

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African Wildlife Games: Impala Game

Impala Game

The impala (from the Zulu word for 'gazelle') can mostly be found in the savannahs of east and southern Africa. Become a human predator of these graceful creatures as you go on a hunting expedition.

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African Wildlife Games: Ape Game

Ape Game

The Africa ape is our closest living relative however due to hunting and the destruction of their natural habitats, many experts believe that they will be extinct in the wild within just fifty years. In another of our African wildlife games, catch as many bananas as possible before the countdown reaches zero.

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African Wildlife Games: Wild Boar Hunter

Wild Boar Game

The wild boar, an ancestor of today's pig, is found across Europe and Asia and in parts of north Africa, notably countries bordering the Mediterranean as well as Egypt and Sudan. Play our free online wild Boar game, Wild Boar Hunter, and go hunting for Wild Boar, an animal preyed on by humans for its sharp tusks and meat.

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African Wildlife Games: Angry Rhino

Rhino Games

You really don't want to get into a scrap with an angry rhino as they are pretty angry most of the time despite the fact that have no predators in the wild save for humans, although their short temperedness may be down to their small brain size. In this rhino game go off in search of your baby rhino calf who's been taken by poachers.

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