Rainforest Game for Kids

That little Diego does get around and this time he's stolen a jeep and is off driving through the rainforest being pursued by angry African coppers from the Republic of Congo. Can he escape justice and survive in the rainforest with only animals and plants for company, then emerge years later acting as a feral creature and become the basis for a block buster movie? Um, no. Actually he hasn't stolen a jeep at all. He's just off on another of his totally legal but pesky adventures into the rainforest where he will discover interesting facts such as 20% of the world's oxygen is created in the Amazon rainforest however rainforest coverage has dropped from 14% of the world's surface areas to just 6% today and its still dwindling. Maybe Diego will suffocate before he goes off on another adventure. We wish.

Diego's Rainforest Adventure

Rainforest Game

In the first of our rain forest games, play the role of Diego and venture deep into the heart of the African rain forest to take pictures of the wildlife that lives there.

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Phineas and Ferb Rainforest

Rainforest River Game

This rainforest is ideal for younger kids in that it's an adventure game where the main character has to explore the rainforest and get across a river without being eaten by crocodiles.

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