Raiders of the Lost Bark Deforestation Game

This rainforest deforestation game was developed by the Rainforest Foundation to help develop an awareness amongst children and young people about the destruction of the Congo rainforest by logging; an activity that's not only threatening the animals and plants that live in the rainforest, but also the thirty-five million people in the region who rely upon it for their survival. The aim of the game is to help Congo Jones battle Larry the Logger and his World Bank logging machine. To do this you will have to get Congo Jones to dodge fast flying logs, avoid flying chainsaws and leap across burning forests. To complete this rainforest logging game you will need to outwit Larry the Logger by jumping on his head three times (as you do) then unplug the World Bank logging machine. Move left and right using your arrow keys and your space bar to jump. Now, go, save the rainforest from deforestation then play our other online rainforest games!

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