Pharaoh Games Online

Pharaoh Games Online

Believed to be half-human and half-God, the Egyptian Pharaohs were actually referred to as Kings by the Egyptian people (with the word Pharaoh only being used by the Greeks to describe them) and they owned all of Egypt based on two kingdoms; Lower and Upper Egypt which were united in 3100 BCE by King Narmer who decreed his new capital would be at Memphis where the two former kingdoms joined. Here we present number of Pharaoh games for you to play online. Whilst some of the games are based on historical fact, and Biblical legend, other pharaoh games reflect the mythology of the Ancient Egypt. Scroll down to play these games and check out of Pharaohs of Egypt video documentary below to find out more about this long period of Egyptian history.

Pharaoh Games Online: Pharaoh's Overthrow

Overthrow the Pharaoh Game

Okay, in this online game your task is to overthrow an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who is seemingly out of control. But as the game develops you begin to have doubts ~ is he really out of control after all? (clue ~ yes, yes he is.)

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Pharaoh Games Online: Prince of Egypt

Prince of Egypt Game

This is an intruiging Egyptian puzzle game in which a potter observes a symbol on a pitcher he has made and needs to work out what it means ~ but it does involve Pharaohs and the Last Prince of Egypt but you'll have to find an interpreter in the game to find out why!

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Pharaoh Games Online: Pharaoh's Tomb

Pharaoh Game

You are an explorer and adventurer inside an ancient Egyptian tomb of a long departed Pharaoh. You seek to collect as much gold as you can whilst outwitting the Pharaoh's cunning traps.

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Pharaoh Games Online: Kidnapped by the Pharaoh

Pyramid Escape Game

In another of our online point and click Pharaoh adventure games, you have been captured by a Pharaoh and taken into the past. You need to find out why and escape.

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Pharaoh Games Online: Escape from Khafre Pyramid

Khafre Game

In this game you are trapped inside the tomb of Pharaoh Khafre, an Egyptian king of 4th dynasty, and need to find items and solve puzzles to make good your escape.

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Pharaoh Games Online: Egypt Games

Egypt Games src=

The Egyptian game of Senet is believed to be the oldest board game in the world. Here you can play some more modern Egypt games including Egypt puzzle games, fun games and traditional Ancient Egypt games.

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Pharaoh Games Online: Pyramid Games

Pyramid Games

Nothing more readily springs to mind when thinking of modern day or ancient Egypt than its majestic and mysterious pyramids. here you can play a range of pyramid themed games from pyramid escape games to pyramid adventure games as well as pyramid mystery games!

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