African Jungle Games

African Jungle Games

Jungles cover about 6% of the entire world's landmass and are home to over half of all its species. Taken from the Indian word 'jangala', the term 'jungle' commonly refers to the more impenetrable areas of rainforests such as those in Africa, India, Thailand, China and South America. Millions of animals live in the Africa jungles from leopards to Jungle Elephants, Okapi, the Grey Parrot and Crowned Eagle, chimpanzees, gorillas, Mandrills, baboons, Colobus Monkeys to fish such as the Tiger Fish and other water based wildlife like the Rock Python, Nile Crocodile and several species of poisonous snakes. One of the largest jungle areas in the world is in Madagascar with its spectacular scenery flanked by Madagascan rivers with their huge crocodiles and other wildlife such as the bright red Tomato Frog. The jungle of Madagascar is also home to furry Fossas, the Flying Fox, and the Black Lemur.

Today, the jungle areas of Africa are under threat as the rainforests are being felled for wood, fuel and construction projects. On this page we showcase a number of jungle games designed to give children an awareness of the Earth's jungles and encourage them to later explore what the destruction of the jungles and rainforests mean to our planet.

African Jungle Games: Tarzan

Tarzan Games Online

Here we present what we believe are the best Tarzan jungle games online whether you want to enjoy Tarzan adventures or play a range of Tarzan game and puzzles, we have something for you.

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African Jungle Games: Adventures in the Jungle

Jungle Adventure Games

When our intrepid hero knocked over his mother's favourite monkey vase, little was he to realise that inside he would find an old African treasure map. And little was he to know that others were searching for the same treasure! This discovery is the story behind one of our popular jungle adventure games.

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African Jungle Games: Jungle Treasures

Jungle Treasures Game

In this Jungle Treasures game your aim is to collect all of the treasure chests on each level of the jungle whilst trying to avoid spear throwing natives and some jungle wildlife who will attack you savagely and eventually end your life.

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African Jungle Games: Mario Jungle Adventure

Mario Jungle Game

We all know Mario games by now and this time he's on a jungle adventure deep in the Africa forest collecting fruits and, in particular, bananas. It's a typical Super Mario platform game which has cool scrolling graphics and an atmospheric jungle theme!

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African Jungle Games: Jungle ATV

Jungle ATV

This African ATV jungle game is pretty cool. Just jump aboard your ATV and ride through the African jungle in one of our off-road jungle ATV games!

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African Jungle Games: Jungle Mission

Jungle Mission Game

This jungle game is set sometime in the near future after a meteorite has fallen from the sky deep into the heart of the jungle. The government start a mission to send in elite commandoes to find out what is going on and that's where you come in!

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African Jungle Games: Jungle Journey

Jungle Arcade Game

This jungle arcade game is an enjoyable romp through the African jungle in which you have to guide the young jungle boy home whilst avoiding perils on your way.

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African Jungle Games: Hidden Objects

Hidden Objects Jungle Games src=

This African jungle game is a game to use your observation skills to discover the hidden objects in the African jungle. Find the hidden objects as fast as you can for the best score, but be careful only to click on the objects you are looking for or you'll lose points.

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African Jungle Games: Jungle Escape

Jungle Escape Game

This jungle escape game is different from many escape games in that there is no pointing nor clicking just a mad dash to escape from the jungle in your jeep before a range of rather unpleasant jungle creatures have their way with you.

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