African Desert Games

African Desert Games

Nearly one quarter of the continent of Africa is classified as desert, a word from the Latin "Desertus" meaning "left waste". Although there are a number of sub-deserts, there are three principal deserts in Africa; the Sahara that straddles 3,500,000 square miles of North Africa, the Namib Desert in Namibia covering 31,274 square miles and the Kalahari which covers 359,075 square miles of Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe as well as parts of Botswana and South Africa, although the Kalahari does get rainfall and, as a result, has areas of grasses, shrubs and trees. On this page we present some of the best online African desert games for you to play and enjoy. If you want to know more about the deserts of Africa you can explore the main ones here where you can explore the deserts in photographs, maps and video. We've also provided a live streaming desert webcam below from our sister site.

African Desert Games: Desert Rider

Desert ATV Game

If you enjoy quad bike and ATV games, you'll enjoy Desert Racer, another ATV game with a common theme of travelling over rough and often dangerous terrain; this time the deserts of Africa.

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African Desert Games: Desert Jeep

Desert Jeep Game

This desert jeep game takes you across the roads of North Africa and the dusty environs of the Sahara desert. The aim of the game is simply to win the race and become the ultimate desert driver.

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African Desert Games: Desert War

Desert War Game

Helicopters were used in Africa during The Sand War of October 1963 that took place along the Algerian-Moroccan border; the ongoing Western Sahara conflict; the Libyan Civil War of 2011; the ongoing Somali Civil War and during the recent Northern Mali conflict. In this desert war game fly your helicopter over enemy lines and eliminate them using your weapons fire.

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African Desert Games: Desert Storm

Desert Storm

Although Operation Desert Storm was a war by coalition forces from 34 countries against Iraq following its invasion and annexation of Kuwait, this Desert Storm war game takes place in north Africa.

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African Desert Games: Sahara Objective

Sahara Desert Game

In this Sahara Desert game you are part of a team that find themselves in a toxic waste tower in the heart of the Sahara Desert that is primed with deadly bombs. In just two minutes highly explosive toxic waste will detonate creating a pollutant that will flow down the Niger River. It's your job to save the day!

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African Desert Games: Desert Escape

Desert Escape Game

If you like escape games, this African Sahara desert escape game will prove to be something of a challenge as, not only do you have to escape from the quicksand that surrounds you, but you need to escape before you die of thirst ~ and its pretty hot out there.

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African Desert Games: Desert Hunter

African Desert Game

The Sahara desert is an arid wasteland home to just scorpions, rodents and other animals such as camels which can exist on the desert's periphery. In this African desert game, you get to go a-hunting to shoot some of them.

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African Desert Games: Desert Race

Desert Racing Game

This is a fairly straight forward desert racing game in which you drive your jeep across the Africa desert whilst avoiding trees and African animals. If you hit any of them you're going to crash and will have to start the race again.

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African Desert Games: Desert Slide

Camel Game

Now, if we're being totally honest, this hasn't really got much to do with Africa at all, except for the fact it features a camel, an Egyptian mummy, an ostrich and some sand, pyramids and desert. It's not exactly an educational desert game for kids, but great fun for all ages all the same.

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African Desert Games: African War Game

African War Game

In this African war game you are a member of Rommel's troops in a quest to defeat North Africa. Your forces are outnumbered but you must find victory in the desert sands of Libya.

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African Desert Games: Namibia Desert Webcam

Namibia Desert Webcam

If you're interest in the African deserts why not visit our sister site and view a desert webcam that streams live from the Gondwana Namib Park in Namibia where you should be able to see gazelles, giraffes, wildebeests, mountain zebras, ostriches, warthogs, porcupines, hyenas, cheetahs, panthers, jackals, and foxes among other wildlife.

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