Desert ATV Game

If you enjoy desert quad bike and ATV games, you'll enjoy Desert Racer, another ATV game with a common theme of travelling over rough and often dangerous terrain; this time the deserts of Africa. Sadly any attempt to do this type of journey in real life is no longer readily available after the Dakar Rally, that took place yearly from Paris to Dakar in Senegal, was cancelled in 2008 following concerns about the security situation in Mauritania and it now takes places in South America. Instead you'll have to journey across desert dunes in this Desert ATV game, not quite as much fun, but less thirsty and dangerous. After you've played this African desert ATV game why not check out our full African game collection?

Desert Jeep Game

In Desert Jeep race across the roads of North Africa taking out your opponents one by one!

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Jungle ATV Game

Jungle ATV

In this cool online jungle ATV game, ride your ATV through the depths of the Africa jungle.

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