Crocodile Game

In this crocodile game, use your arrow keys to help Archie transport medical supplies across the treacherous river. Do this by leaping onto logs and rocks and you can even stand on a crocodile's back provided its head is under the water. You have three supply packs to take across the river into the three landing bays but you only have 100 seconds to do so. If you are successful you can progress to levels two of this cool crocodile game. If you fail, you die! Crocodiles are believed to have first existed some 55 million years ago and today the average crocodile lives for 70-80 years, however many die younger due to being hunted by mankind for their meat, leather or because of a belief in their curative properties. In fact whilst the Gabon has the largest crocodile population in Africa, in other countries the crocodile is facing extinction due to hunting. After you play this online crocodile game, check out and play our other african games.

Rainforest Games: Diego's Rainforest Adventure

Rainforest Game

In the first of our rain forest games, play the role of Diego and venture deep into the heart of the African rain forest to take pictures of the wildlife that lives there.

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Phineas and Ferb Rainforest

Rainforest River Game

This rainforest is ideal for younger kids in that it's an adventure game where the main character has to explore the rainforest and get across a river without being eaten by crocodiles.

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