Africa Map Quiz

In this Africa map quiz, simply drag and drop the name of an African country onto its proper location on the map of the continent of Africa. Each correctly placed country will earn you points, but each incorrectly placed Africa country will lose you 100 points. Okay that's pretty much all we have to say about this quiz, but we'll give you a few Africa quiz answers so you're prepared if you ever get asked. Africa is comprised of 54 countries and is the second largest continent in the world after asia covering about 30.3 million kmĀ² including adjacent islands. Most think the Sahara desert is the world's largest but, because a desert is an area defined by rainfall rather than temperature, it's actually the third after the Arctic and Antarctica. Not just home to the world's longest river, the Nile, 95% of the world's diamonds and 50% of the world's gold comes from Africa. 1,436,172,081 people live on the continent (that's 16.72% of the world's entire population) and it covers 20% of Earth's land area and 6% of its total surface area. After you've played this Africa map quiz game check out and play our other Africa themed games; we've everything from Africa video games to traditional Africa games. Well worth a look!

Capital Cities Quiz

African Capital Cities Quiz

In another Africa map quiz, you'll be given the name of each Africa capital city then click on the map you think its the capital city of. For each one you get right you earn points.

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Real Map of Africa Game

Real Map of Africa Game src=

This is a cool Africa map game not least because it uses a real map of Africa and suddenly having to place the countries of Africa on a geography map without showing the state boundaries of each country doesn't seem quite so simple.

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