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Playing Mancala

The name Mancala is a rough translation of the Arabic 'to move' which is exactly what's involved when playing the traditional African game of Mancala.

Although those playing Mancala traditionally use a wooden board, this video shows two African children playing Mancala on the streets of their village without a board, as the game can be just as easily played using stones and by making holes in the ground.

After you've seen the video why not check out our instructions page for playing Mancala, download a version of the game or play online.

We've even got a few versions of the game to buy here. so you can start playing Mancala at home.



How to Play

How to Play Mancala

This online video gives clear step by step instructions on how to start playing Mancala.
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Playing Mancala

Playing Mancala

A video of two children playing the traditional Africa game of Mancala in a version called Oware that can be played on the streets without a board. To buy a Mancala game click here.