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How to Play Senet

One of the most ancient games discovered is that of the ancient Egyptian game of Senet, the oldest reference to which can be found on a wall painting in the tomb of the Third Dynasty Pharaoh Hesy (BCE. 2650 BC).

Its a game that was placed throughout ancient Egyptian society from Pharaohs and kings to commoners and is now thousands of years old and still played.

After you've watched this how to play Senet video, why not check out and play our free online flash version of the game below or check out some of our other traditional African games such as Mancala or Ayo. Some of these games come complete with video guides to teach you how to play them.



How to Play Senet

This video gives instructions on how to play Senet complete, obviously, with the rules of this most ancient of games, although it should be stated that the rules are assumed as, if they were ever written down, they have been lost in the mist of time.